Use arrow keys to move. Collect coins to move on to next level. There are 2 coins in each level. They are hidden so search through the whole level.

Sky Realm

Pick your character.


Design a level competition!

You can design your own level. The winners will have their levels added to the game.

How to make a level

To create a level, you need to use a word document. To create a solid block, you type "x". To create stationary lava (lava that doesn't move) type "!". To create dripping lava, type "v". To create oscillating lava (lava that goes up and down or side to side) type "=" (side to side) or "|" (up and down). To add the player, type "@". The background is automatically placed when you press the spacebar.

For example; 
["                                                                                 ",
"                                xxxxxxx                                           ",
"                                x!!!!!x                                           ",
"                                xxxvxxx             xxxxxxxxxxxxx                 ",
"                                                                |                 ",
"                      x                                                       o   ",
"                                                                                  ",
"                                                           |                      ",
"                                 xx xx                  xxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxx       ",
"                      |    o                            x                         ",
"xxxx                      xxx             xxx       xxxxx                         ",
"x                                x!!!x                                            ",
"x  @            xxx              x!!!x                                            ",
"x                                xxxxx                                            ",
"xxxxxxxxx             x                                                           ",
"                                                                                  "],
would result in;

Send your levels to

Red Ninja

Ninjas are fast and light. Because of this they are perfect to steal gold hidden in the sky.

Green Ninja

Green ninja has never been as fast as his brother but makes up for it with his stealth. He is much more light-footed than his brother.


??? disguises himself by blending in with the clouds. Because of this, some of the defences are not armed. He is small enough to fit through the smallest of gaps in the clouds.

Parachuting Gift

The parachuting gift weighs very little thanks to it's parachute.